As a high performance team that specializes in multiple fields, we are committed to help our partners realize and exceed their potential.

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI team uses automation and machine learning to boost efficiency, cut costs, and accelerate your business.

Data Analytics

Our analytics team converts existing data into meaningful information to help transform your business.

Media Production

Our media teams produce content ranging from large-scale commercial video advertisements to product photography - and everything in between.

Our Team

Azer Khan

Business Development

Haidar Khan

Data Analytics

Quinn Baganz

Creative Director

Babar Khan

Business Strategy

Badar Khan


Benoit Flammang

Strategic Planning

Our experiences span from Fortune 100 companies and international startups to the Hollywood scene in Los Angeles. Our mission is to create value for our clients by analyzing data generated from social media profiles to design digital marketing strategies and campaigns - all produced in-house and implemented on your social media of choice!

We deliver analyses, brand consultation, and social media content founded on science and scholarly analysis (with two PhD's on our team) to boost your numbers in the most efficient way possible. We’re from Kingston, NY and have a presence in NYC, LA, and the Middle East. Join us in your digital journey and never look back.

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